Video: Dog Says “Mama”; Steals Baby’s Thunder

We’ve all had that moment.

Whether you are at school or work or just in your everyday lives. It’s that moment where you realize, “This would be SO much quicker if I just do it myself.”

That moment came for this canine.

As mom was trying to get her baby to say the word “Mama” she also happened to be waving a fork full of pasta in the air.

Now it’s time for a kinder/canine edition of Oake and Keri Community Theatre!


Dog: Dude, say ‘Mama’ and she’ll give us the pasta.

Baby: I’m trying! I’ve never spoken before. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Dog: Come on bro! Help me out! Do you know how good that looks? Have you seen the kibble in my bowl?

Baby: Ok, Ok. I’m trying man. How does it start again?

Dog: Ugggggghh COME ON! It’s SO easy! She just wants to hear the word ‘Mama’.

Baby: It’s not that easy. The only audible sound I’ve made so far has been crying. These word things are tricky. Crying you just open your mouth and sound comes out.

Dog: She’s starting to lose interest! Dude, you’re blowing it! Screw it. I’ll just do this myself……


Baby: {Pushes the dog} Come on man, I was almost there!


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