VDD Radio | Mitch Berger Interview

Zach got to sit down with former Minnesota Vikings Punter/Kick-Off Specialist Mitch Berger.

Mitch was awesome. We talked about candy bars, kicking, being a Super Bowl champion, and just had an all around great chat.

This podcast was marred by tragedy however. For some reason, my computer stopped recording after roughly 24 minutes of the 32 minutes that I spoke to Mitch. So there is some great stuff that just didn’t get recorded. Much like our beloved Minnesota Vikings in last week’s game against San Francisco, my computer didn’t come ready to play.

So there is some great stuff that looks like it will be just between me and Mitch. Oh well. You missed him talking about what it is like to win a Super Bowl, how cool it was to do that for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team his dad had grown up loving. He told the heartwarming story of pushing past security guards on his way into the stand to embrace his father who was suffering from Alzheimers. Truly heart warming.