Saints Live Ep. 9

In Episode 9 we started to play around with adding stingers to the beginning of segments. You can see the stinger for “Lee’s Crazy Stat of the Day” which is the first one we were testing out. This is also the first time that we ran BRoll footage that the hosts could comment on live.

I made all of the BRoll footage previewing the starting pitcher as well as the game rewind highlights. I also tech directed on Wirecast.

Saints Live Ep. 6

This was an interesting show. We were rained out the day before and had burned through all of our pregame material in that show so we were a little light on visuals. We tried to spice it up with a graphic showing the current standings (first time we had that) and I had some fun with an image of Lee’s dog near the end of the episode. Tech directing again.

Chuck and Don’s Dog Day Ad

The Saints have a “Dog Day” every year sponsored by Chuck and Don’s where fans are invited to bring their dogs out to the ball park. This ad was played on the Video Board at the stadium and was posted online prior to the game.

I shot, edited, and dog wrangled on this video.

Saints Live Ep. 5

This was another fun episode. The game was rained out, something the Saints are not particularly fond of, so the bulk of this episode was devoted to answering questions related to the rain out. I made my Saints Live segment debut with a short piece on the rain outside. Also tech directed this episode.